Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'll Get Started, After My MTE...

C'mon Jon, I'm just starting chapter three and you're really pulling the rug out from under one of my stand-by excuses.  What do you mean I can start living with purpose today, without having 'found my purpose'?  See here's the deal as I've figured it to this point...

First you're supposed to plan out an extended weekend where you can get away by yourself.  Preferably it should be some rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere, so there are no distractions and you can be alone with God and His creation.  While you're there you spend a ton of time resting and praying.  You have a Mountain-Top Experience (MTE1) with Him, and somewhere in there he gives you a vision revealing your One True Purpose (OTP2) in this life.  Then you can start living life to its fullest.

I'm running out of excuses here Mr. Acuff.  Give me a break, will you?

1. MTE - I don't plan to actually use that acronym again, but the term is thrown around so much in Christian circles that it seemed to deserve an acronym.
2. OTP - Alright, you caught me. I just like acronyms.

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